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 In February 2005 #146, Popular Woodworking Magazine Article Index

Genius or just another jig? We have the answer right here.
By David Thiel
Pages: 57-59

From the February 2005 issue #146
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So that there’s no confusion here, I think dovetails are a great joint for strength and beauty. But I’ll also do anything I can to avoid making dovetails, or at least do whatever I can to make them easier.

Enter the WoodRat. It was brought to my attention that this multi-use machine was popular in Britain and had been for sale in the United States for some time, but is slow to gain acceptance.

I decided it was time for a closer look. The siren song of simple dovetails drew me in, but the versatility of this machine sold me. Not only are dovetails less complicated to make, but the WoodRat allows you to adjust their spacing infinitely and even allows for thin pins that look very close to hand cut.

From the February 2005 issue #146
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