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The Wood Whisperer: Free-form Sculpting

 In December 2008 #173, Popular Woodworking Magazine Article Index

With a couple simple techniques you’ll augment your design skills and flexibility.
By Marc Spagnuolo
Pages: 32-34

From the December 2008 Issue #173
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What woodworker hasn’t dreamed of wielding sharp gouges and chisels, effortlessly transforming a giant, lifeless chunk of wood into a one-of-a-kind masterpiece? Perhaps even creating a life-sized bust of yourself in exquisitely painful detail. What? Just me? Well maybe so, but there isn’t a woodworker out there who wouldn’t benefit from adding carving to their toolbox of tricks. While I don’t delve too far into the world of artistic carving, I do try to incorporate free-form sculpting into my work whenever possible.

To understand what I mean, think about a situation when you needed to shape something  and your normal power tools just could not provide the solution. Perhaps it’s a wide cove that none of your router bits is capable of producing. Or maybe you need to make a simple scooped-out chair seat. Should we let the limitations of our everyday power tools limit our design possibilities? No way!

From the December 2008 issue #173
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