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The Solution to Finish Problems?

 In June 2015 #218, Popular Woodworking Magazine Article Index

2_ParticlesAll sorts of damage can occur to a finish. I’ve written about the most common problems and how to fix them many times. Four of the articles I wrote for Popular Woodworking are included in my book, “Flexner on Finishing” (Popular Woodworking).

These articles deal with problems such as water rings, rubs and scrapes, magic-marker and crayon marks, dripped candle wax and more. It’s good to know how to fix these problems, but there are so many other things that can happen – many so unusual that you’ll never find instructions for fixing them.

In these situations you have no choice but to come up with the fix yourself. Your ability to do this improves with experience, of course, but most important is a good basic knowledge of finishes and solvents so you don’t cause more damage.

This knowledge isn’t difficult. It comes down to the way you organize and define the finishes and solvents.

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