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Taming the Top-heavy Router

 In June 2010 #183, Popular Woodworking Magazine Article Index

Replace your router’s base with one that is oversized and stable.
By Robert W. Lang
Pages: 50-51

From the June 2010 issue #183
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The router can be a great friend in the woodshop, but it’s one of those friends with character traits that aren’t welcome in all situations. Like the fraternity brother you want at your bachelor party but not necessarily at your wedding ceremony, the router is noisy, spews trash everywhere and is decidedly off balance. Lose control of it for a brief moment, and all kinds of damage can be done.

But the good things a router can do (that other tools can’t) make it worthwhile to put up with some things you can’t change, and look for ways to improve the situation. Put in your earplugs and put on your safety glasses because the noise and chips won’t go away. But you can improve the stability of the beast. A router table is one way to do that, as is the addition of a custom base.

Video: Watch this trim router and base-plate in action in a free video.
Article: Read our review of trim routers from the June 2006 issue – all but one of the tools reviewed is still available.
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From the June 2010 issue #183
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