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Tall Chest: Carcase Construction

 In November 2005 #151, Popular Woodworking Magazine Article Index

Building fine furniture is challenging, but never impossible. Learn the techniques necessary for efficiently building any casework.
By Lonnie Bird
Pages: 58-65

From the November 2005 issue #151
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If you’ve never tried your hand at building a chest of drawers but you’ve built several projects with success, the simple tall chest in this article is a good place to begin. Because of its scale, a chest of drawers can seem intimidating at first glance. But stripped of its feet and moulding, this chest, like all chests, is just a box. And of course the drawers are simply boxes, too, which are made to fit within the large box.

The key to building casework is to make it square. Otherwise, as you can imagine, it becomes very difficult to fit the drawers and mouldings. The key to making the casework square is to use a stop-block when cutting parts to final length. Remember, for the corners of a box to be 90°, or square, parallel parts must be the exact same length. If you measure, mark and cut parallel parts separately they probably will not be exactly the same length. Instead, if you measure and mark just one piece and set up a stop-block, the mating parts will be identical.

From the November 2005 issue #151
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