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Take Your Home to Work

 In August 2014 #212, Popular Woodworking Magazine Article Index

SincoxendgrainA lunchtime woodworking break yields more than a nice saw handle.

by Ethan Sincox
page 64

Last summer, I took Matt Cianci’s “Build a Backsaw” weekend class through my local woodworking guild. There is never enough time in a weekend class to finish the project; this was no exception. I’d roughed out the tote, set the saw plate into the back and sharpened the teeth (with impressive results), but it was far from done.

Knowing myself as I do, I figured I had a very short window of opportunity before my unfinished saw was relegated to the “I’ll Finish This Later” pile.

Fortunately, a subsequent conversation with my wife sparked an idea. We were discussing some work she had to finish at home during the next weekend and I thought, “People take their work home with them all the time; maybe I should try taking my home to work, instead!”

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From the August 2014 issue, #212

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