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Superior & Speedy Sanding

 In November 2006 #158, Popular Woodworking Magazine Article Index

How to get the maximum results in the minimum amount of time: A slightly unorthodox approach from a 23-year cabinetshop veteran.
By Troy Sexton
Pages: 62-67

From the November 2006 issue #158
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The difference between a project that looks OK and a project that looks stunning is the finish.

And the difference between a finish that looks OK and a finish that looks stunning is – hands down – the sanding job you did before you applied the stain and the topcoat finish to the project.

Though most woodworkers dislike sanding and finishing, during the last 23 years and 4,000 projects of my professional cabinetmaking career, I’ve learned that nothing else separates the wheat from the chaff like the quality of a woodworker’s sanding and finishing efforts. Sanding (or old-style surface preparation with planes and scrapers) is the most important step to becoming a good finisher.

From the November 2006 issue #158
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