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 In December 2006 #159, Popular Woodworking Magazine Article Index

A cost-effective and efficient way to take green boards to usable lumber.
By John Wilson
Pages: 74-79

From the December 2006 issue #159
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The solar drying kiln is the most cost-effective way for the craftsman to get quality boards for woodworking from green lumber. Today there are many band saw operators cutting boards from trees that grow in abundance in much of America. The solar kiln is the link between this resource and the shop.

A wood kiln is any space used for controlling heat and humidity where lumber is dried. The solar drying kiln harnesses the free energy of the sun. It operates on the regular cycle of day and night to prevent wood stress that can ruin lumber in other systems. The scale of the unit at 1,000 board feet (bf) capacity, plus the simple structure and affordable cost of running a fan, makes this solar kiln practical for the home craftsman or small professional shop.

From the December 2006 issue #159
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