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 In August 2004 #142, Popular Woodworking Magazine Article Index

Two router bits with guides and a simple shop-made jig make three variations of this joint a snap.
By Glen D. Huey
Pages: 49-51

From the August 2004 issue #142
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One of the defining features of 17th- and 18th-century furniture is the dovetailed horizontal case divider. Case dividers are the rails that separate the drawers, or the door and drawer sections. Attaching these dividers to a case’s sides using sliding dovetails is probably the strongest way possible to assemble a carcase.

However, reproducing this detail is daunting to many woodworkers. Not only is a sliding dovetail seen as complex joinery, but it can be made in different ways. The basic sliding dovetail, shouldered sliding dovetail and through sliding dovetail (shouldered or not) are just a few of the options.

From the August 2004 issue #142
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