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Simple Patterns in Veneer

 In December 2010 #187, Popular Woodworking Magazine Article Index

Part 3: Make a 4-way match panel in veneer using mirrors, a knife and a straightedge.
By Marc Adams
Pages: 48-51

From the December 2010 issue # 187
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Veneer can be used to embellish any project. For furniture making, veneer offers three advantages: Panels can be made to any size or shape, exotic woods can be incorporated into your work, and veneer offers great design potentials. If a specific style of furniture, such as Shaker or Arts & Crafts, gives a piece of furniture a voice, then adding veneer can give that same piece of furniture a story to tell. Veneer can create strong visual elements with smooth surfaces that can make any furniture piece a showcase. The bonus to working with veneer is it’s fun and easy to do.

Veneer panels can be cut to look just like boards glued up edge to edge or matched in ways to create mirror images that reflect the figure in the wood. What might seem to be more advanced veneering techniques include arranging pieces of veneer to create geometric arrangements known as parquetry, or to make recognizable images known as marquetry. Both parquetry and marquetry are relatively simple cutting techniques. Ian Kirby once said that “(F)urniture making with solid wood is like whittling: You chip away at the tree until you end up with the pieces you need. Working with veneer is just the reverse: You stick the bits together to build up furniture elements of the exact size and shape you want.”

Sometimes it’s more fun (and educational) to do woodworking projects that are practice pieces. You know, those projects, samples or test cuts that end up as showcase pieces that hang on the wall in your shop. This veneering project will be one of those. This simple wall panel involves the entire process of veneering from edging to pressing.

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From the December 2010 issue # 187
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