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Shellac Tiger Flakes from Tools for Working Wood

 In February 2015 #216, Popular Woodworking Magazine Article Index

04pwm0215tooltestby Christopher Schwarz
page 16

Because shellac is my favorite finish, I have tried nearly every brand of flakes on the market. By far, my favorite brand is the premium dewaxed flakes – Tiger Flakes – sold by Tools for Working Wood in Brooklyn, N.Y.

Because there are no lac bugs in Brooklyn, this stuff is obviously sourced from a third party. But what makes it special is the care and attention lavished on the flakes in transit to you. Tiger Flakes are primo – they have fewer bug parts than any other brand I’ve tried (and I’ve filtered out a lot of legs and other buggy bits in my day).

And they are fresh. Tools for Working Wood ships them in heavy, double-sealed plastic with a desiccant pack. The result is that the flakes dissolve quickly in alcohol.

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From the February 2015 issue, #216

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