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Shaker Stepback

 In February 2009 #174, Popular Woodworking Magazine Article Index

A classic furniture form revised for 21st-century entertainment.
By Megan Fitzpatrick
Pages: 42-49

From the February 2009 issue #174
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I have a love-hate relationship with my television. I love (too much, perhaps) to watch shows, but I hate having the TV out in the open as the focal point of my living room. But I also dislike most commercial entertainment centers, as I’ve a penchant for antique and antique-style furniture.

So, I flipped through a pile of books on Shaker furniture and auction-house catalogs to cull design ideas for a stepback cupboard that could be repurposed as a modern entertainment center that would not only allow me to hide a 32″ flat-panel TV behind doors, but also house the cable box, DVD player and various stereo components. (Of course, if you want to use it in your dining room, just omit all the holes in the backboards for air flow and cord management.)

From the February 2009 issue #174
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