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Shaker Cupboard: Rejuvenated

 In April 2010 #182, Popular Woodworking Magazine Article Index

A White Water Shaker stepback is sprinkled with water from the fountain of youth.
By Glen D. Huey
Pages: 26-33

From the April 2010 issue #182
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Shaker stepback cupboards aren’t abundant. In fact, there are only a few examples in the many published books on Shaker furniture. Unless you have a sharp eye for Shaker furniture, or are excited about painted furniture with a heavily worn surface, I doubt you would give a second look to the original cupboard on which this project is based. However, the fact that the original is part of the White Water Shaker Village collection propels this piece, in my opinion, toward the top of Shaker cupboards. A reproduction of this cupboard is a must. And in the process, we can turn the clock back to see the cupboard in its earlier days.

Online Extras

* Watch the video tour of the White Water Shaker Meeting House.

* Download the complete SketchUp model of the Shaker Cupboard.

* Read about the unique tapered backboard construction of the Shaker Cupboard.

* Watch a video on making cove moulding on the table saw.

* Read more about the White Water Shaker Village.

* Get the “Complete Shaker Collection” CD.

From the April 2010 issue #182
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