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Saw & Plane Till

 In August 2016 #226, Popular Woodworking Magazine Article Index

sawtillIt won’t solve a tool addiction, but it’ll make finding tools easier.

by Mike Siemsen
pages 42-47

You’ve no doubt seen photos of the H.O. Studley tool cabinet – the Sistine Chapel of tool cabinets. And as far as I’m concerned, Studley got it right. Yes, his tool chest is a work of art and all that, but more importantly, it hangs on the wall.

With apologies to all you people who love floor chests, I prefer wall-hung tool storage if I don’t have to travel and I have the wall space. I can see at a glance where my tools are and I find my access is easier.

This saw and plane till is open for easy access, but with a few modifications you could put doors on it to keep out humidity (or co-workers). It’s also a simple matter to add a back.

First, Admit the Problem
I designed this till for my minion, Tod Twist (we don’t have apprentices any more). Tod needed tool storage, and I needed fodder for an article.

Because you’re reading a woodworking magazine, it’s probably safe to assume that you have a saw or plane problem (or both).

This till holds 21 saws, the Stanley bench planes from No. 1 to No. 8 and a half-set of hollows and rounds. It has four drawers to store parts and sharpening equipment, saw sets, files and the like. I hang my saw vise from a nail in the side.

You can build just the saw till or the plane till, or combine them as we did. Feel free to make it wider or narrower as your needs dictate.

You can also omit the drawers. Be sure to leave “room for growing” like my mother did when she bought me clothes and shoes when I was a boy.

If you must store saws in a chest, this is how to do it.
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From the August 2016 issue, #226

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