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Arts & Mysteries: Replace Your Tailed Router

 In February 2011 #188, Popular Woodworking Magazine Article Index

Stop the screaming once and for all.
By Bob Rozaieski
Page: 22-23

From the February 2011 issue #188
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When I first started using hand tools, I was hesitant to let go of my router. I had no love affair with the screaming
beast. We weren’t even good friends. We just called on each other when we felt that need to … make moulding.

Let’s face it. It’s tough to beat a router at cranking out moulding. For the woodworker on a budget, the big shaper with custom cutters won’t give us the time of day. So the router becomes the go-to tool.

But as most make-do relationships go, we tire of the screaming, constant mess and inadequate performance. This leads to periods of inactivity, neglect and, ultimately, designs devoid of the shapely features we once knew.

When I finally had enough of the screaming, I discovered moulding planes. If you’re a relatively new hand-tool addict, beware these hand-tool sirens. After using a well tuned moulding plane, their calls become difficult to resist.

Web site: Visit Bob Rozaieski’s web site and read his hand-tool blog.
Article: Read Editor Christopher Schwarz’s article about Clark and Williams, makers of molding planes.
Blog: Read Adam Cherubini’s “Art & Mysteries” blog.
In Our Store: “Traditional Molding Techniques,” a DVD from Don McConnell.

From the February 2011 issue #188
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