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‘Ready 2 Rout’ Automated Fence

 In October 2014 #213, Popular Woodworking Magazine Article Index

Add computer power to your router table to make tasks quick and accurate.

~TT_R2Rby Chuck Bender
page 17

Even if modern technology frightens you, it might be worthwhile to consider the Ready 2 Rout (R2R) for your router table. This automated router fence system is as easy to use as it is to set up – it’s literally touch and go.

With less than an hour invested in unpacking, setting up and testing the fence, I was amazed at how intuitive it is to use the tool. The touch-screen menus are easy to navigate, bright and easy to read.
With the standard metal touch plate, setup is five easy steps. Put your bit into the router table, punch the bit diameter into the R2R, clip the magnetic tether to the bit, put the plate against the fence and press the “OK” button. The fence moves automatically to make contact with the bit, then calibrates the readout to zero. From there, until you change bits, you can accurately adjust the fence position from the touch screen.

The $600 system shines when you’re doing repetitive operations such as making box joints or half-blind dovetails, but it’s not limited to those tasks. In fact, there are several other joint applications. It easily plans and executes complex conversions and operations.

Read the complete tool test here.

Web site: Next Wave Automation
Video: See how easy it is to calibrate the computer-guided router fence tool. To Come.

From the October 2014 issue, #213


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