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A few shop-made appliances allow you to add stunning face-grain inlay to your work.

By Jameel Abraham
pages 38-43

From the April 2011 issue #189
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Geometric bandings and inlay patterns, or parquetry, are widely used, from Japan to Egypt to Spain. I developed a method of creating parquetry while learning to build ouds, a musical instrument that is the ancestor of the European lute and modern guitar.

The method can be employed to make bandings and inlays from as little as two species of wood, one at a time, to more detailed patterns using multiple layers to produce several copies of the same pattern. The designs I most frequently use create the illusion of dimension, as if the pattern were a flexible ribbon, folding, twisting and turning along its length. These patterns are fun to design and make, and can richly embellish any project.

Web site: See some of Jameel’s amazing ouds on his web site.
Web site:
Visit the Benchcrafted web site.
Read about Jameel’s Jointmaker Pro method for inlay.
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See the Czech Edge chisel Jameel commissioned for this work.
In our store:Fundamentals of Inlay” DVD, by Steve Latta.

From the April 2011 issue #189
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