Power-tool Joinery: Building Glazed Doors | Popular Woodworking Magazine
 In November 2005 #151, Popular Woodworking Magazine Article Index

Most cope-and-stick bits can produce frames that will house glass as well as wood panels. Here’s how to do it.
By Bill Hylton
Pages: 100-103

From the November 2005 issue #151
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Here at chez Hylton, our kitchen cabinetry includes a mix of raised-panel doors and glazed doors. Most things are hidden, but some handmade pottery, a few family heirlooms and lots of knickknacks are displayed behind glass. We don’t actually use these things a lot, but we like to see them all the time.

The ambitious hobby woodworker, hankering to redo the kitchen cabinetry or to build custom cabinetry for the family room, might want this mix of paneled and glazed doors. But how do you actually do it? The cope-and-stick bits discussed in our August 2005 issue produce a 1/4″-wide groove suitable for a panel, but that’s too wide for glass.

From the November 2005 issue #151
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