Power-tool Joinery: Box Joints | Popular Woodworking Magazine
 In June 2005 #148, Popular Woodworking Magazine Article Index

Cut this stout joint using a simple jig, and your table saw or router.
By Bill Hylton
Pages: 28-31

From the June 2005 issue #148
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Visit most any antiques store or flea market, and you’re sure to see stacks of old wooden boxes marked with the logos of bygone businesses. Small boxes for cigars, big ones for fruit and lots of in-between sizes. All are assembled at the corners with interlocking square pins or fingers – the box joint.

The box joint is a sort of square-cut through dovetail. It’s used in the same situations as the dovetail – assembling boxes, drawers and casework. It has pretty fair mechanical strength, but what it does is create a tremendous amount of gluing surface to create a stout joint.

From the June 2005 issue #148
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