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Power-tool Joinery: Beaded Face Frames

 In April 2007 #161, Popular Woodworking Magazine Article Index

Discover how to join rails and stiles when you just can’t cope.
By Bill Hylton
Pages: 90-92

From the April 2007 issue #161
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Sticking is the profile cut on the edge of a frame’s rails and stiles. These days, we generally cut such profiles on the router table, and most often they embellish a frame-and-panel assembly. Frame-and-panel constructions are primarily cope and stick, produced either on the router table or shaper.

But cope and stick is precluded in some situations, such as frames with full beads, and frames with mortises and integral tenons. You won’t find a profile that includes a full bead in cope-and-stick cutters because the workpiece orientation that’s required to cut a bead (on edge rather than face down) and because it’s nigh on impossible to cope a full bead.

But a full bead is a great-looking profile, whether on a door or other frame with a panel, or in a face frame.The bead softens the hard inside edge around drawers, doors and openings and it’s less likely to show the dings and dents that are inevitable in a cabinet used for storing heavy or cumbersome objects.

From the April 2007 issue #161
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