Power-assisted Dovetails for Drawers | Popular Woodworking Magazine
 In August 2005 #149, Popular Woodworking Magazine Article Index

A small router takes the drudgery out of half-blind dovetails.
By Scott Gibson
Pages: 76-80

From the August 2005 issue #149
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It’s hard to blame anyone for turning to a router and template when the job calls for a kitchen’s worth of dovetailed drawers. If nothing else, the process is fast. Once you’ve fine-tuned the router settings, you can knock out a lot of drawer boxes quickly and with perfect regularity. And that’s the problem – all that regularity makes for boring joinery.

Boring and uniform: With many dovetail jigs, the spacing of tails and pins is fixed, and those pin-to-pin dimensions don’t always coincide with actual drawer heights. Templates that allow adjustable spacing are an improvement, but pin width and slope are fixed by the shape of the router bit, and bits may have thicker profiles than you would like.

From the August 2005 issue #149
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