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inside passage

A School for Impractical Cabinetmakers

A gifted teacher preserves and shares the legacy of James Krenov. by Asa Christiana pages 47-51 To reach the Inside Passage School of Fine Cabinetmaking, you head northwest from Vancouver, B.C., leaving behind the glass-towered city to board the ferry at Horseshoe Bay. Pull up your collar and stand alone on...

axe carbide lathe tools

Axe Carbide Lathe Tools

Fit, finish and registration flats combine for a solid turning experience. by James McConnell page 18 If you feel like wasting an entire afternoon, just type “carbide vs. high speed steel turning tools” into your favorite internet search engine. If you would rather spend that time making something beautiful and functional...

deburring wheel

3M Convolute Deburring Wheel

by Megan Fitzpatrick page 20 Someone saw this deburring wheel on Instagram and clued me in to it; sold. It’s really a metal-working tool for knocking off sharp edges and small bits of metal. But if, like me, you have rusty old tools sitting around your shop (say inherited chisels that...

buck bros chisels

Tool Test: Buck Bros. Professional Wood Chisels

by Megan Fitzpatrick page 20 If you’re frugal when it comes to tool purchases, check out the U.S.-made Buck Bros. “Professional Wood Chisels,” available at Home Depot. A set of three (1/2″, 3/4″ and 1″) is less than $20. (I bought several sets from three locations for comparison purposes.) While nowhere...

peter follansbees shop

Arts & Mysteries: More Windows than Walls

Determining patterns of work in a new shop. by Peter Follansbee pages 58-60 I’m in the last stages of building my workshop. When I first planned the building, I knew where the workbench, lathe and tool chest would go, but all the minor details were left until the building was ready....

paint strippers solvent strippers

Flexner on Finishing: The EPA & Paint Strippers

Is this government agency overreaching the bounds of its evidence? by Bob Flexner pages 62-63 This article is an opinion piece on the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) proposed regulation on the paint strippers we have available; I think the government agency is going too far. If you wish to learn more...

End Grain – ‘Individualists Unite!’

After a woodworking course, this student has tools, a chest – and friends. by Daniel Clausen pg. 64 Last spring I took my first woodworking course, an “Introduction to Hand Tool Woodworking.” The class promised to teach students to fix up some tools and build a tool chest – but I...

Good Chisel Sense

The simplest tool in your chest is also the most sensitive and versatile; here’s how to set up a chisel to a high level and wield it like a maestro. by Christopher Schwarz pgs. 20-27 It’s almost impossible to build furniture without a chisel, yet most woodworkers I’ve met (even professionals)...

William & Mary Side Table

Turned drops and legs, arches and serpentine stretchers typify this ornate 17th-century style. by Kerry Pierce pgs. 28-36 When someone uses the term “period furniture,” we think most often of the Queen Anne, Chippendale and Federal genres. Certainly these have been the most influential styles in Western furniture-making history. But there...