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Chippendale Chair

Creative thinking and dirt-simple jigs make the joinery a straightforward task. By Jeff Miller pages 28-35 I tend to think of Chippendale chairs as highly ornate. But there are startlingly simple examples of the style as well. After encountering some of the simpler versions of these chairs, I became fascinated. I...

Hold Anything With Almost Nothing

Hold Everything (With Almost Nothing)

You can hold anything on your workbench with just pegs, wedges & notches – no fancy vises required. By Christopher Schwarz pages 36-41 It’s difficult for most woodworkers to imagine a workbench without screw-driven vises. But for most of human history, that’s how you worked. No matter what you were building...

Eight Common Hinges

8 Common Hinges

Every door needs a hinge – Nancy Hiller shows you which hinges to use, the advantages of each type and how to install them. by Nancy Hiller pages 46-52 Wherever there’s a door, there must be hinges – and just as there’s a galaxy of door types, there is a variety...

PRECISION in the Woodshop

Precision in the Woodshop

You’re measuring wrong, and making it more difficult to do good work. by Raney Nelson pages 42-45 If the title has you expecting high-tech procedures or suggestions for expensive measurement gear that’ll get you closer to angstrom-level measurements, then let me disappoint you quite thoroughly before paragraph one ends. This isn’t...

Zito Arts and Crafts

A Lifelong Love Affair

Debey Zito produces fine Arts & Crafts furniture and cultivates aspiring craftswomen from the hills of Northern California. by Laura Mays and Deirdre Visser page 53-55 To find Debey Zito’s workshop you give yourself over to GPS, which steers you west into the coastal hills north of San Francisco, between Petaluma...

Shaper Origin

Shaper Origin Hand-held CNC

Introducing a new kind of CNC, happy in the hands of a woodworker. by Tim Celeski page 14 Up to now, CNCs were large, heavy, complicated tools that took up a lot of space in a shop. The Shaper Origin is something quite different. It’s a hand-held, easy-to-use CNC that you...

Design by Touch

Design by Touch

While design is dominated by the eye, the hand plays an important role. by George Walker page 18 Most of what I’ve written about design has focused on how we look at it. Yet good design often has multiple layers that speak to all of our senses. We tend to think...

Folding Stool

For camping, conquering and contemplating, these stools have a long history among artists, soldiers and rugged individualists. by Christopher Schwarz with David Lyell pages 24-27 There are few things that British military officers and plein air painters of the 19th century would agree upon. But this stool is at the top...

Serious Play

Judson Beaumont and the Straight Line Designs furniture factory. by Asa Christiana pages 28-32 When I think of Judson Beaumont I can’t help thinking of Willie Wonka – the original Wonka, from Roald Dahl’s matchless tales. Small in stature with boundless energy, both inhabit a magical factory with a small army...