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Out of the Woodwork: IWF 2059

 In October 2009 #178, Popular Woodworking Magazine Article Index

Fifty years in the future, MDF will be a luxury ‘wood.’
By Pete Knapp
Page: 72

From the October 2009 issue #178
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As if all the new tools and technology shown at this year’s International Woodworking and Furniture Show (IWF) weren’t exciting enough, we decided to jump into the Popular Woodworking DeLorean, fire up its flux capacitor, and see what is going on at the Big Show 50 years in the future.

One of the biggest changes in woodworking was the recent lawsuit by PETT (People for the Ethical Treatment of Trees), which banned all commercial logging. Fortunately, genetic engineers have made it possible to grow a 200-board foot hard maple in a small apartment in three or four days. As a result, highly-figured wood is now used for junk, and aficionados now speak longingly about the enchanting look of MDF, collecting it and hoarding it for “just the right project.”

From the October 2009 issue #178
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