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It’s not a hobby if it isn’t fun.
By Ethan Sincox
Page: 80

From the December 2009 issue #180
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Last year, my wife and I bought our first house together. Right after closing, with the help of friends, we pulled carpet, painted, moved walls and relocated plumbing. Rooms took on different shapes, the floors gleamed in wide plank hardwood and new ceiling fans quietly circulated fresh air in almost every room.

But the kitchen remained pretty much untouched. We knew our limitations, both in finances and in stamina, and didn’t want to bite off more than we could chew. We decided to hold off on its renovation until a later date.

Apparently, that time has come. For the past few months, we’ve pored over catalogs and design books, trying to figure out what kind of look we want for the new heart of our house. We even got bids from some local stores and talked to a friend about custom cabinets.

And I always get the same look from people when I tell them that.

From the December 2009 issue #180
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