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 In April 2005 #147, Popular Woodworking Magazine Article Index

Router table cabinets can be a waste of space. This compact, vise-mounted unit stores easily and is just the right size.
By David Thiel
Pages: 70-75

From the April 2005 issue #147
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I think it might have been seeing a $1,000 router table setup at a recent woodworking show (it’s very cool, but $1,000?). Or maybe it was realizing that our shop’s router table’s cabinet mostly takes up space and fills with dust. Either of these observations was enough to get us rethinking our router table needs.

Essentially you need a stable, flat working surface that can support most work. You need a fence that guides, supports and moves easily for adjustments (both the fence location on the table and the faces themselves toward the bit). You also need easy access to the router for bit changing and height adjustment. Other than that, it just needs to be up off the floor, hence the cabinet.

From the April 2005 issue #147
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