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CurveLayoutMechanical solutions for the formula-challenged woodworker.

by Raney Nelson
pgs 58-59

There was a time when I was fairly good at math – but that was back when “personal” and “computer” were two words you’d never expect to see together. A few decades later, I often find it difficult to multi-task long enough to add two numbers together, while also remembering why I added them in the first place.

So even though I am still capable of most shop mathematics – at least briefly, after my sixth cup of coffee – I tend to opt for mechanical and visual solutions when they’re viable.

Fortunately for us muddle-headed sorts, there are methods for laying out curves that will more than adequately approximate the lovely forms generated by (admittedly awesome) higher-dimensional parabolic equations, as demonstrated by Bruce Winterbon in his “Bow Shelves” article (page 48).
Here are three I have made use of in my shop.

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Article: Compass tricks for geometric layouts.
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From the February 2016 issue, #233

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