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Magnetic-mount LED Work Light from Lee Valley

 In April 2014 #210, Popular Woodworking Magazine Article Index

WorkLight-150x150by Megan Fitzpatrick
page 14

I have a perfectly good light for my workbench, on an attachment that slips into the dog holes. And, it has a magnifier, which is becoming increasingly useful. However: My bench is against a wall, so the articulating arm of the light limits how it can be positioned, there’s a pesky cord and it uses a fluorescent bulb, which hums when lit. Plus, I tend to smack my head on the light with distressing regularity – so it has been relegated to use only when I need magnification – or have a lengthy need for illumination.

Instead, for many bench tasks I’m now using the “Magnetic-Mount LED Work Light,” available from Lee Valley (#15J77.01), which is powered by three AA batteries. With the optional mounting plate ($3.50) and 3⁄4″ dog-hole post ($2.50), I can affix it anywhere on my bench that I’ve a hole drilled for a dog or holdfast.

The magnet on the base of the light makes it easy to remove from the plate for use as a machinery light, too. Plus, it comes with a handy side-mount clip (you can see it in the picture) that attaches to any ferrous surface via a rare-earth magnet.

Read the complete tool test.

Contact: or 800-871-8158
Street price: from $34.50
Blog: Read about the base Christopher Schwarz made to fit his 1″ dog holes.

From April 2014 issue, #210


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