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 In February 2017 #230, Popular Woodworking Magazine Article Index

pw_guageby Megan Fitzpatrick
pg. 14

A diemakers’ square with a narrow blade is an excellent tool for determining minute problems with your joinery, allowing you to get in between narrow dovetail pins, for example, to check for sloping walls. But a true diemakers’ square (on which the blade angle can be adjusted for patternmaking) is quite expensive, even on the secondary market (though Lie-Nielsen sells a well-priced version if you don’t need a narrow blade).

Enter the “double square” – a similar tool, minus angle adjustment.

Lee Valley has just released a small double square ($49.50) that comes standard with two 21⁄2″-long blades; one is 1⁄2″ wide, the other just more than 3⁄16″ wide, with a 3⁄32″-wide, 1⁄2″-long probe on one end for sneaking into the smallest of places.

The stock is dead-square to the blades, and the rules are easy to change – though the center pin (the rule catch) does rotate in the body. (It does not on the $140 double square from Vesper Tools, which comes standard with three blades and also includes a 45° reference bevel on the stock, where the Lee Valley one does not.)

Read the full article here.

Website: Visit Lee Valley online.
Article: Read a review of the Vesper double square with mini blade.

From the February 2017 issue, #230

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