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Jig Journal: Shop-made Mortise Jig

 In December 2008 #173, Popular Woodworking Magazine Article Index

You don’t need fancy tools or a special machine to create a traditional joint.
By Glen D. Huey
Pages: 78-79

From the December 2008 Issue #173
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Reproduction furniture is my main focus in woodworking, so I think one of the most important construction joints is a mortise-and-tenon joint – and not simply the use of a stub tenon, but a full-blown tenon that ranges between 1″ and 1 1/4″ in length depending on the project and if there’s adequate depth in the material.

Due to the number of these joints I make, I have a dedicated mortising machine. But if you need to create a mortise and tenon and you don’t have a dedicated machine to use, whip up this simple jig from a few scraps of wood and use a plunge router, a properly sized guide bushing and an upcut-spiral router bit. (You can use a straight router bit, but an upcut bit lifts waste material out of the mortise, so it makes a cleaner cut.)

From the December 2008 issue #173
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