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Jasmine Jewelry Box

 In June 2011 #190, Popular Woodworking Magazine Article Index

Simple tools, techniques & joinery deliver elegant results.

By Gary Rogowski


From the June 2011 issue #190

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It’s the stuff of arguments: Which tools in the shop are really the most important for joinery? It’s almost like arguing the top movie or the best shortstop of all time. There is no one answer that satisfies everyone (although “The Maltese Falcon” and “Ernie Banks” should). Were you to ask me, my answers would be quick but not absolute. Give me three tools: a band saw, a chisel and a router, and I can build just about anything. This jewelry box project shows how versatile these tools are.

Choose your joinery on three factors: function, economy and skill. What will the piece do? This poses the question: How strong does it need to be? There are 10 ways of building this box and all of them are good. But which one of these methods is strong enough and adds something to the design?

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