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 In August 2010 #184, Popular Woodworking Magazine Article Index

Whether stepping or sitting, this multi-purpose stool is sure to give your youngster a boost.
By Glen D. Huey
Page: 26

From the August 2010 issue #184
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You may not remember when you looked up at the sink, or when you climbed up to the potty – but if you’d had a few extra inches on your legs, things would have been so much easier. This stool can do that for youngsters – and help you clean out your scrap bin, too.

This column generally begins with a trip to buy lumber, but you probably have the needed material – scraps – floating around your shop. This especially holds true if you paint this piece instead of go all wack-nutty with fi gured maple like I did. But if you need wood, simply head off to the store with your cut sheet in hand.

On this project, you can cut the pieces to size at the beginning of the build (most times it’s better to cut to length and width as you need the parts in case things change). Once the parts are cut, the majority of the work is on the sides; they get laid out, drilled and shaped.

Slide show: We took extra step photos while building this piece – though you can build it with what’s printed here. See the extra shots online.
Plan: Download the free SketchUp plan for the step stool.
Articles: All our “I Can Do That” articles are free online.

From the August 2010 issue #184
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