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I Can Do That: Spastic Susan

 In October 2011 #192, Popular Woodworking Magazine Article Index

Please pass the salt. This “Spastic Susan” can hold up to 100 times its weight. Roller balls on the bottom allow it to travel in any direction, so it’s good for more than just moving condiments.

Make a Sherpa of a dining table centerpiece that goes the distance.

By Mag Ruffman

The modest Lazy Susan is a staple on circular dining tables. Everyone can reach out and activate its convenient, if sluggish, spinning action in order to self-serve their favorite condiments from a jumble of bottles, shakers and jars.
The unseen glory of the Lazy Susan is a corral of ball bearings sandwiched between two metal plates underneath the deck. (With practice, a clever diner can generate enough velocity in the Lazy Susan’s rotation to create centrifugal force, which in turn will launch taller condiments on centripetal trajectories, usually culminating in a bad mess.)

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