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I Can Do That: Small Bench

 In October 2011 #192, Popular Woodworking Magazine Article Index

Easy seat. This simple (but good-looking) bench can be built in just a few hours’ shop time.

This simple seat is ideal for a hallway or porch.

By Megan Fitzpatrick
Pages: 26-27

From The October 2011 issue #192
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This project is inspired by a period choir bench in my mom’s dining room – but I modernized the Gothic revival design of the original with sweeping curves on the arms (instead of shelter arms), and left out the moulding and cutouts.

Panel Glueup
This bench is destined for a front porch, so to protect it from the elements, it’s painted – a good thing, because the side panels are glued up from two distinctly different species of pine (one challenge of buying dimensional lumber from the home center) – and I used sticks pulled from the scrap bin for the cleat material (if you don’t have suitable scrap, pick up 1x material at the home center).

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