I Can Do That: Shaker Shelves | Popular Woodworking Magazine
 In April 2007 #161, Popular Woodworking Magazine Article Index

Clear finish updates the look of this classic design.
By Megan Fitzpatrick & Glen D. Huey
Pages: 36-37

From the April 2007 issue #161
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Skills you’ve honed in previous “I Can Do That” projects are all it takes to create this graceful set of shelves, so with this project we’ll teach you a few clever tricks to draw arcs without a compass, and to straighten twisted boards – which is often a problem when working with wider pieces of wood.

This modified Shaker design, downsized from a set of creamery shelves, is adapted from a Shaker Workshops catalog. To ensure our 3/4″-stock would not bow under the weight of even the heaviest items, we decided to make these shelf pieces a bit shorter than those you’ll find on the company’s web site (shakerworkshops.com).

From the April 2007 issue #161
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