I Can Do That: Shaker Carry Box

Notched and nailed joints add visual interest to this simple project.

By Megan Fitzpatrick
Pages 50-52

This form is typically called a Shaker silverware tray – but it comes in handy for ferrying all sorts of things hither and yon.

I got lucky at the big box store in finding some perfectly straight, flat and clear 1⁄2″-thick white pine with a bird’s-eye-like pitch-pocket pattern.

At my home center, thin stock is available in nothing longer than 3′ lengths. So to be sure I’d have plenty of that pretty “bird’s-eye” for all my parts, I picked up three 3′-long and two 2′-long 1⁄2″ x 6″ boards.

A design note: The dovetailed piece that inspired this version (which can be found in the October 2007 issue of Popular Woodworking Magazine, #164) has half-pins at the bottom (and top) of the ends, which helps to support the sides as you lift. And for the notched construction shown here, it would arguably be a bit stronger to have the joints reversed so that notches on the ends support the front and back when you pick up the box.

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