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I Can Do That: Pirate Chest

 In February 2011 #188, Popular Woodworking Magazine Article Index

Masonry nails and two XXL leather belts impart the ‘arghh!’ in this build.

By Megan Fitzpatrick
Page: 24-25

From the February 2011 issue #188
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Don’t let the curved top of this “pirate chest” scare you. It’s a lot less tricky than it may appear – and it’s excellent practice with your block plane.

For this build, you’ll have to venture a bit beyond the home center – but stop there to pick up a 6′ 1×12, two 8′ 1x8s and 21′ of 1-1/2″ x 1 slats (though if you have a table saw or band saw with which to rip the slats, that will be more economical). Also get 40 or so upholstery nails, a box of at least 40 6d masonry nails, a hasp, two 4″ gate hinges and two handles. Go for the cheap zinc-coated hardware; I’ll give you a few options for aging it. Now, you need to visit a “big and tall” clothing department for some 50″ (or better, 60″) leather belts. At 50″ (the largest available where I shopped), I had to cut the belts and nail them at the front and back edge of the bottom. Just 10 additional inches would have meant no cuts – the belts would have wrapped all the way around (and saved a little time and trouble).

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