I Can Do That: Minas Tirith Shutters - Popular Woodworking Magazine
 In June 2006 #155, Popular Woodworking Magazine Article Index

No joints. Just jigsaw and go.
By Christopher Schwarz
Pages: 26-27

From the June 2006 issue #155
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After Hobbit Frodo Baggins destroys the One Ring in Peter Jackson’s epic film “The Return of the King,” there’s an emotional reunion scene when Frodo wakes up in the city of Minas Tirith and is reunited with his long-lost friends.

While most viewers were transfixed by the hugging Hobbits, all I could say was, “Look at those cool shutters on the windows.”

After some design work with some French curves, we produced this version of the shutters. They are astonishingly quick and easy to build with a minimum number of tools, off-the-rack pine and hinges. The most complex part of this project is in the planning.

From the June 2006 issue #155
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