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I Can Do That: Gent’s Chest

 In December 2011 #194, Popular Woodworking Magazine Article Index

Household tools. This “Gentleman’s Tool Chest” is an adaptation of a 19th-century example that would have been stocked with a small but fancy set of household tools.

A simple box for basic household tools.

By Megan Fitzpatrick
Pages: 58-59

From the December 2011 issue #194
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Common in the 19th-century, a “Gentleman’s Tool Chest” typically contained a set of fancy household tools including the first “multi-tools” – a handsome handle into which a variety of tools including gimlets, drivers, chisels and the like could be fitted. The chest might also include a small brass-backed saw, a filigreed square, dividers, a brass hammer and more – “showcase tools” for the squire who simply liked to putter around the house.

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