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Humble Job Endures 1,000 Years

 In April 2016 #224, Popular Woodworking Magazine Article Index

EGThe Tower of London provides inspiration to make an impact.

by Jim Baker

A few years ago I visited England with my wife, daughter and a few friends. It is a fascinating country – some parts of it seem right out of a mid-20th-century television show, while other places are so modern that they should be in California. My favorite places, however, were the ancient ones – castles, Roman walls, cobblestone streets.
While visiting the Tower of London, I was astonished by the amazing size of the posts and beams supporting the floor and walls. I was most intrigued by the huge oak pillar at the center of the base of the tower itself. While everyone else was admiring tapestries, I asked one of the docents if that particular piece of wood was original to the building. “Oh no!” he said. “That’s new…It was replaced in the 1800s.”

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From the April 2026 issue #224


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