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How to Make ‘Condor Tails’

 In August 2011 #191, Popular Woodworking Magazine Article Index

An ingenious way to combine routers, a band saw and hand tools for big dovetails.

By Jameel Abraham
Pages: 48-53

From the August 2011 issue #191
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I know what you’re thinking: “Another opinion on how to cut dovetails.” I hear you. But this one’s different. I promise. No back and forth over pins or tails first. No Rob Cosman vs. Frank Klausz. Well, actually a little Klausz.

SLIDESHOW: See a slideshow of this process with additional steps.
ARTICLE: Read a review of the Benchcrafted vise hardware.
WEB SITE: Visit Jameel’s web site for ouds and workbenches.
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From the August 2011 issue #191
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