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How Tables Work

 In April 2010 #182, Popular Woodworking Magazine Article Index

Numerous shapes, forms and  functions share a common set of issues.
By Robert W. Lang
Pages: 40-44

From the April 2010 issue #182
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A good furniture maker is part artist and part engineer. An overemphasis on either side of this equation leads to furniture that is ugly, impractical or both. Tables are especially vulnerable in this regard. Tables serve many purposes and are simpler than cabinets or chairs. But this simplicity calls for a thorough knowledge of how wood works when in the form of a large flat surface and an underlying structure.

Regardless of style, there are many mistakes lying in wait to spoil the plans of the would-be table maker. Whether you are new to the craft and getting ready to make your first occasional table or are more experienced and aiming to build a showpiece for your dining room, there are many aspects of table design that you need to consider.

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* Download a free excerpt PDF on dining table shapes and sizes.

* View a catalog of manufactured solid wood table legs and kits.

* Purchase Robert Lang’s book, “Drafting & Design for Woodworkers.”

From the April 2010 issue #182
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