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Houndstooth Dovetails

 In April 2006 #154, Popular Woodworking Magazine Article Index


This joint adds strength and beauty to any corner. And it’s easier to cut than you might suspect.
By Rob Cosman

Pages: 66-71
From the April 2006 issue #154
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I first saw this joint illustrated in “The Encyclopedia of Furniture Making,” by Ernest Joyce (Sterling). I was fascinated by the complexity of it and for years wished I could cut them myself.

When I finally cut the joint, I realized the only difficult part was the initial layout; the rest was a matter of sawing and chiseling to the line.

I have since been teaching others to cut them and most would agree that it is not as hard as it looks. If you have mastered the through dovetail, this is like cutting two of them at once. There are some tools that will make the job easier. In addition to the proper tools, there are a few tips I have picked up that should help the novice – and maybe the professional.

From the April 2006 issue #154
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