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 In April 2005 #147, Popular Woodworking Magazine Article Index

Authentic details are easier than you might imagine.
By Robert W. Lang
Pages: 36-43

From the April 2005 issue #147
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In 1907, the architectural practice of brothers Charles and Henry Greene was at its peak of popularity in southern California, with several houses under construction. Equally busy was the workshop of Peter and John Hall, another pair of brothers who were responsible for the actual construction of the ultimate bungalows designed by Greene and Greene.

In addition to acting as general contractors, the Halls were also responsible for all of the interior woodwork and the furniture for these magnificent homes. In researching this piece, I tried to discover what the original details were, and also tried to place myself in the setting in which the original work was done. Given the volume of work performed in the Halls’ millwork shop, this furniture must have been made as efficiently as possible.

From the April 2005 issue #147
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