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Great Woodshops: A Chairmaker’s Laboratory

 In February 2005 #146, Popular Woodworking Magazine Article Index

With each new invention, Brian Boggs seeks to build a better chair.
By Kara Gebhart Uhl
Pages: 32-36

From the February 2005 issue #146
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Initially, chairmaker Brian Boggs’s woodshop in Berea, Ky., holds no surprises. Strips of hickory bark are drying in the ceiling’s rafters. A man sitting on a shaving horse works on a back slat with a drawknife. Jigs and templates hang from the walls, as do half-finished ladderback chairs.

But as you walk through the various rooms, each with a specific purpose, you begin to notice jigs, fixtures and even machines that you’ve never seen before. And then your eye catches sight of this, well, thing – a complex configuration of oily steel, wood, rubber, bolts, drive belts and gears.

From the February 2005 issue #146
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