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Folding Sawhorses

 In June 2004 #141, Popular Woodworking Magazine Article Index

The entire weight of your project rests on these supports. Make sure they won’t let you down.
By David Thiel
Pages: 76-77

From the June 2004 issue #141
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You might think this is an unusual product for a woodworking magazine to test, and so did some other members of our staff. But after some thought, the reality is that many woodworkers plunk down good money on folding sawhorses. Whether they’re in shops or on job sites, these horses provide fold-away stable work areas. We wanted to make sure your money was well spent.

We shopped at Lowe’s, Home Depot and online for the most readily available horses in both metal and molded plastic. We limited the price to $60 a pair because, honestly, spending any more than that is silly.

Testing the horses was tricky. All are rated to hold 1,000 pounds or more, which is more than adequate for woodworking. Short of parking a truck on them to see if they collapsed, we decided the more important test was for their stability, not their ability to support weight.

From the June 2004 issue #141
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