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Floating Table

 In June 2015 #218, Popular Woodworking Magazine Article Index


This handsome piece is simple to build and easily adapted to fit your stock.

by Brian A. Hubel
pages 42-48

A friend asked me to design and build a table using a special piece of walnut. I was given approximate measurements, but everything else was up to me.

I love the freedom these types of projects offer. While the table would be quite utilitarian, I knew it was going to be displayed as a piece of art, which meant very little clutter on its horizontal surfaces.

I wanted something slim, open and uplifting, nothing too heavy. The table would be visible from both the front and ends, so I decided to focus on the legs, which curve inward from the front and outward from the ends.

The shape “moves” as you travel around the table. This project is really an exercise in compound band-saw work with some exposed joinery for added interest.

As with most projects, I start with stock preparation. In this case, I focused on the legs and aprons first, setting aside material for the top and shelf. It is well worth the effort to find 12/4 rift-sawn material for the legs, which will offer the most consistent grain on all sides.

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