Flexner on Finishing: Repairing Color Damage | Popular Woodworking Magazine
 In February 2005 #146, Popular Woodworking Magazine Article Index

If the scratch isn’t deep, the fix isn’t difficult.
By Bob Flexner
Pages: 98-99

From the February 2005 issue #146
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Even if you aren’t a professional woodworker, you probably get called on now and then to look at finish damage on cabinets or furniture belonging to friends and neighbors. Your woodworking skills are appreciated in our mass-production society, and your friends and neighbors may not recognize that repairing a finish is not the same as making something out of wood. But it would be nice if you could help them out anyway.

The most common damage to a finish is missing color in minor nicks or scratches. Here’s an explanation of what to look for and how to go about repairing it. (I’m not going to discuss how to fill deep scratches or gouges; that involves a different and more complicated procedure.)

From the February 2005 issue #146
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