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 In June 2011 #190, Popular Woodworking Magazine Article Index

This solvent is unique.

By Bob Flexner
Pages: 58-60

From the June 2011 issue #190
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Lacquer thinner is the thinner used for all types of lacquer (not waterbased finishes, which are sometimes misrepresented as “lacquer”). These include the most common lacquer – nitrocellulose lacquer, colorless CABacrylic lacquer and the most durable lacquer – catalyzed lacquer.

Of all solvents used in wood finishing, lacquer thinner is by far the most unique because it is the only one made up of a half-dozen or so individual solvents. By varying the solvents used, manufacturers control the strength of the lacquer thinner and the speed of evaporation.

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From the June 2011 issue #190
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