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Many finishes are known by this one name.
By Bob Flexner
Pages: 54-56

From the April 2010 issue #182
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In common speech and among those in the professional finishing trade, the term “lacquer” usually refers to nitrocellulose lacquer. But there are many other finishes that go by that name.

When referring to one of these, it’s best to use a modifying word, or words, to distinguish it from nitrocellulose.

These other lacquers include water-white lacquer, urethane-modified lacquer, vinyl lacquer, brushing lacquer, CAB-acrylic lacquer, crackle lacquer, pre-catalyzed lacquer, postcatalyzed lacquer, padding lacquer, waterbased (or waterborne) lacquer and Oriental (Japan or Chinese) lacquer.

Here’s an explanation of these lacquers, all of which, except padding and Oriental lacquer, are available in various sheens ranging from gloss to flat.

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From the April 2010 issue #182
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